636A4931My name is Sarah Hannah Gómez. My friends and family call me Hannah, but if I just went by that online, I’d be confused for other people with my name. I’m a former school librarian, a social justice activist in the book world, and a writer. I have two Master’s degrees and am starting a phd in fall 2016. I’m really preoccupied with reminding people how educated I am, and I am also a cheese and potato chip connoisseur. I’m an INFJ but also a big talker. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, GoodReads, and Tumblr.

I was not a very active kid. I was not an athlete in high school or college. I didn’t think being fit was for someone like me – someone with a breathing condition. someone who didn’t care about team sports. someone with tummy issues and mental health issues. someone without the money for a personal trainer. someone with jiggly thighs. someone not particularly coordinated or graceful. someone who didn’t feel pretty 90% of the time. someone who preferred reading, writing, and social media to other activities. I would never be an active person, and certainly not an athlete.

I was wrong.

During a particularly dark time in my life, when I felt like my mental and physical health were at their lowest, I started buying groupons for fancy gyms and looked for cute exercise clothes for sale online. I found activities I loved doing and learned more about them through what I already enjoyed – reading books and research and learning new things all the time.

I hate motivational speaking and writing. I think “inspirational” stories are gross and saccharine. But I do find a lot of joy in being fit, and I adore reading things about science, food, and wellness. I was starting to bother friends on my Facebook feed, so I decided to come here and write about my ups and downs as I become a fitness instructor and generally healthy human while still indulging in my true self as a scholar, bibliophile, and cultural critic.

Ugh. That was gross. Mainly I’m going to be cursing a lot, when I really love shit or when I really hate it.

I’m on the tweets pretty much all day, every day: @shgmclicious.

What I am: a Schwinn- and Keiser-certified indoor cycling instructor. An AFAA-certified group fitness instructor. A water aerobics  and boot camp instructor certified by Fitness International/LA Fitness.
What I’m not: a doctor, nurse, or any other sort of medical professional. Nor am I a certified exercise physiologist, physical therapist, or personal trainer. Anything I say here is what I think and what I’ve found useful or helpful or positive. I’m not responsible for you or your actions, and I disclaim all liability.